Take Advantage of the best Buying Opportunities with a Home Loan Pre-Approval

Imagine securing “the one”, that perfect home, the home of your dreams.
And imagine being able to negotiate from a position of strength, knowing that your finance is approved and ready to go.
In a hot market, a finance pre-approval gives you the ultimate edge

While others start their search based on advice from wildly inaccurate borrowing calculators, we want you to have the certainty that comes from a finance pre-approval.

With a home loan pre-approval, you can confidently take advantage of lucrative opportunities that are usually only available to selected “in the know” clients on agent databases.

In A Hot Market
A Finance Pre Approval
A finance pre-approval will cost you nothing. It's free.

And it could be the difference between securing your dream home or missing out. It’s the secret weapon used by professional property buyers to secure the best deals.

So, contact our finance broker partner today to get started on your finance pre-approval.

Meet Our Finance Broker Partner

Ryan Tripi

Ryan Tripi

Mortgage Broker
Diploma Financial Planning, BCom (Finance & Banking), Cert IV Finance & Mortgage Broking, Dip. Finance & Mortgage Broking Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get a cheaper deal if I go direct to the bank?
When a customer deals with a bank directly, the bank is only considering themselves and the products they have available to offer. My role as a mortgage broker is to do the shopping around to ensure we are getting you a competitive finance deal.
Q: How do we know you'll get us the best deal for our loan?
My focus is solely on you. As a fully accredited mortgage broker we are bound by a best interest duty, which simply means that we must ensure that our advice meets your objectives, financial situation and needs.
Q: Do you have a preferred lender or Bank?
We have access to over 30 different lenders that allows us to tailor a finance solution to meet your requirements.
Q: Why should I use a mortgage broker?
You wouldn’t take your beloved pet to your local GP for a check-up. You’d want take it to an experienced specialist, right? You need to think of your finances in the same way. Each of the banks have a different way of doing things. Their appetite will change for different things at different times. I work in the field of finance every day and work hard to find you the right finance solution
Q: What is the cost to use your service?
Free! We get paid by the banks upon successfully settlement of the finance. We receive an upfront and trailing commission based on the total loan size net of any offset funds for assisting you in securing the right loan. This is not loaded into the finance deal we secure in any way. As a licenced credit representative, we are doing all the heavy lifting for our lending partners. In some circumstances a fee may be payable depending on the complexity and nature of your situation. If fees are payable by you they will be detailed in a Credit Quote and not incurred without your prior written consent.