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Settlements Completed

Perth settlement agents: your edge in the buying journey

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At Rezzi, we’re all about the buyer. Our services are designed to give you the strategies, information and support you need to make smart buying decisions. From expert buyer advocacy and pre-purchase structural inspections through to contract preparation and conveyancing, we’re here to take care of you the whole way.

Our services are here to help you make confident property decisions

Property Conveyancing

Once you've secured your property, let our team of expert conveyancers protect your interests from sale to settlement.

Buyer Advocacy

Our full-service buyer's agency service puts you in the box seat. From finding your perfect home to negotiating and due diligence, we do it all.

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Let our partners help with the best pre-purchase property inspection. From structural to timberpest and pre-settlement inspections, they have you covered.

Pre-Settlement Property Inspections

Let our property experts complete your pre-settlement inspection and ensure the seller complies with their obligations under the contract.

Our settlement fee quote includes everything you need to make a decision

Icon Our Professional Service Fee
Our professional service fee

We will provide you with the exact amount it will cost you should you hire us for your settlement. In addition, we will charge you no more than a reasonable service charge. So say goodbye to ridiculous conveyancing costs!

Icon Stamp Duty Assessment
Stamp duty

Your quote will include stamp duty (if applicable) to your transaction based on the property purchase price you provide.

Landgate & other government fees

We’ll provide you with an itemised list of Landgate charges and other state fees applicable to your settlement.

Icon Identity Verification
Verification of identity provider fees

We’ll even provide you with an estimate for the identity verification costs. We leave nothing out.

What our clients are saying

Very friendly and go out of there way to make the process as easy as possible thanks again
Ruth M.
Friendly professional and caring team. Won’t beat the service they provide.
Keary B.
The team were fantastic 🙂 Made the process easy and were very professional. Would definitely use them again.
David C.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you do settlements outside of WA?
No, we're only licensed to conduct settlements in Western Australia.
Q: Do I have to attend settlement?
No. We attend settlement on your behalf.
Q: Do I have to attend your office?
No. Our settlement documentation is 100% electronic, so there's no need to attend our office.
Q: Do I have to pay upfront?
No, our fee is payable on the completion of your settlement.
Q: When should I appoint a conveyancer?
Your conveyancer is your contract representative and therefore should be appointed as soon as your offer is accepted.
Q: Are there any hidden charges?
No. Our settlement fee quote is accurate for a standard settlement based on the information you provide.

We’re passionate about fighting for what matters most

We Are Passionate

As Corporate Partners of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, we are committed to fighting against breast cancer by raising much needed funds to world-class research, bringing us one step closer to a world without this devastating disease.

See what we have planned for our 2024 Passionately Pink Party and other events below, or feel free to make a donation in support.

Rezzi. The edge you need.

Buying a home can either set you up or set you back. I know from firsthand experience the financial gains that come from a smart property purchase. Get it right, and you’re on the path to early retirement. But get it wrong and it will set you back for years.

The stakes are high. And they’re especially high for home buyers because the real estate industry stacks the odds in favour of the seller.

And that’s why I started Rezzi; to give you a real chance of making a winning property move.

My goal is simple: to provide you with the strategies, information and support you need to make bold, confident property decisions.

And, if that’s what you want, let’s talk.

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