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Settlements Completed

About conveyancing in Perth

Conveyancing is the process of preparing documents for the sale and transfer of property ownership. In Australia, licensed conveyancers handle conveyancing services. They provide advice, prepare documentation, and oversee the settlement process. Senior conveyancers are experienced professionals who manage the entire settlement process independently. A conveyancer’s duties include conducting searches, reviewing contracts, calculating taxes and rates, preparing settlement statements, and attending settlements.

In Perth, conveyancers, or settlement agents as they’re often called, are essentially the same, They must be licensed and adhere to specific regulations. Conveyancers must have professional indemnity insurance, maintain a trust account, and participate in professional development programs. The process of buying and selling property in WA differs from other Australian states, as most transactions use a standard REIWA Offer and Acceptance document provided by the Real Estate Agent.

Conveyancers in Perth can also assist with various other services, such as family transfers, deceased estate transfers, and preparing contracts for the sale or purchase of residential or commercial property.

The fees for conveyancing in Perth vary based on the property’s value and transaction complexity, including professional fees, statutory charges like stamp duty, land registry fees, and any third-party expenses.

Get an all-inclusive conveyancing quote from a trusted conveyancer in Perth

Let us provide you with an all-inclusive, no-obligation conveyancing quote.

With over 400 5-Star Google reviews, the team at Rezzi Conveyancing are the perfect choice to handle your settlement.

Rezzi Team
Rezzi Team
Our track record speaks for itself:
Icon Over 25000 Satisfied Customers

Over 25,000 satisfied customers have used Rezzi (previously Residential Settlements) to handle their conveyancing.

Icon Conveyancing Since 1986

Conveyancing since 1986. We have a deep understanding of the settlement process.

Icon Repeat And Referral Business.

Our business is based on repeat and referral business.

What our clients are saying

Very friendly and go out of there way to make the process as easy as possible thanks again
Ruth M.
Friendly professional and caring team. Won’t beat the service they provide.
Keary B.
The team were fantastic 🙂 Made the process easy and were very professional. Would definitely use them again.
David C.

Your conveyancing quote includes:

Ivy Molina

How our conveyancing team will settle your property

At Rezzi, our service and experience mean we do things a little differently, and our clients love us for it. As your conveyancer, we’ll make sure your settlement is stress-free by taking care of the little details.
Icon Robust Fraud Protection
Robust fraud protection

While working with us, your funds will be held securely in our trust account. And, we use highly secure methods to transfer funds that virtually eliminate any chance of fraud.

Icon Contract Review
Contract review

Our conveyancing team will review your contract to identify issues that might cause a problem. And we'll help you fix them before it's too late.

Icon Expert Conveyancing Advice
Expert conveyancing advice for first-home buyers

We love first home buyers! You'll love how we guide you through the settlement process. And we'll ensure you know about all available first home buyer grants and rebates.

Icon Fewer Delays
Fewer delays

We'll ensure you don't miss any critical deadlines by sending you regular email and SMS reminders.

Icon Identity Verification
Identity verification

We'll assist you in completing your ID verification to ensure accurate Landgate land registry entries.

Icon Avoid Expensive Unpaid Rates
Avoid expensive unpaid rates

Our conveyancers will ensure that you don't get caught with unpaid rates and property taxes.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you do settlements outside of WA?
No, we're only licensed to conduct settlements in Western Australia.
Q: Do I have to attend settlement?
No. We attend settlement on your behalf.
Q: Do I have to attend your office?
No. Our settlement documentation is 100% electronic, so there's no need to attend our office.
Q: Do I have to pay upfront?
No, our fee is payable on the completion of your settlement.
Q: When should I appoint a conveyancer?
Your conveyancer is your contract representative and therefore should be appointed as soon as your offer is accepted.
Q: Are there any hidden charges?
No. Our settlement fee quote is accurate for a standard settlement based on the information you provide.

Rezzi. The edge you need.

Buying a home can either set you up or set you back. I know from firsthand experience the financial gains that come from a smart property purchase. Get it right, and you’re on the path to early retirement. But get it wrong and it will set you back for years.

The stakes are high. And they’re especially high for home buyers because the real estate industry stacks the odds in favour of the seller.

And that’s why I started Rezzi; to give you a real chance of making a winning property move.

My goal is simple: to provide you with the strategies, information and support you need to make bold, confident property decisions.

And, if that’s what you want, let’s talk.

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