Property Conveyancing in Perth

Once you've secured your property, let our team of expert conveyancers protect your interests from sale to settlement.

Buyer Advocacy

Our full-service buyer's agency service puts you in the box seat. From finding your perfect home to negotiating and due diligence, we do it all.

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Let our partners help with the best pre-purchase property inspection. From structural to timberpest and pre-settlement inspections, they have you covered.

Pre-Settlement Property Inspections

Let our property experts complete your pre-settlement inspection and ensure the seller complies with their obligations under the contract.

Property Finance

Let our broker partners secure the best possible finance deal. Choose from the best lenders and get the perfect loan for you and your circumstances.

Auction Bidding

Put yourself in the box seat with our auction bidding service. From bidding strategies to auction-day negotiations, our negotiators are here to help you win on the big day.

Rezzi. The edge you need.

Buying a home can either set you up or set you back. I know from firsthand experience the financial gains that come from a smart property purchase. Get it right, and you’re on the path to early retirement. But get it wrong and it will set you back for years.

The stakes are high. And they’re especially high for home buyers because the real estate industry stacks the odds in favour of the seller.

And that’s why I started Rezzi; to give you a real chance of making a winning property move.

My goal is simple: to provide you with the strategies, information and support you need to make bold, confident property decisions.

And, if that’s what you want, let’s talk.

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Peter Fletcher

Managing Director
Peter Fletcher Rezzi