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Welcome to the ultimate podcast for property buyers in Western Australia.

Join your host, Peter Fletcher, as he interviews a lineup of industry experts to bring you the latest insights, tips, and advice on navigating the Western Australian real estate market.

Each week, Peter delves into the pressing questions and topics that matter most to property buyers in WA. From discussing the intricacies of property laws and regulations specific to the region to exploring the current market trends and opportunities, this podcast covers it all.

Focusing on practical advice and real-life experiences, WA Property Q&A offers a valuable resource for real estate agents,

property conveyancers, and anyone looking to purchase property in Western Australia. From understanding the local property market dynamics to uncovering hidden gems in different regions, this podcast equips you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer, an experienced investor, or a real estate professional, tune in to the WA Property Q&A podcast for a weekly dose of expert interviews, insider tips, and engaging discussions that will help you navigate the world of property in Western Australia like a pro.
Get ready to discover the secrets to successful property buying in Western Australia!

Latest episodes

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Welcome to the WA Property Q&A.

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A win for the property enthusiast

This is a must listen for property enthusiasts! With expert hosts, diverse content and a sense of community, it offers invaluable insights into our WA market! I will be recommending this podcast to my team and clients!
Thank you Rezzi!

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As a licensed real estate agent with over 35 years of experience in the industry, I know the obstacles that confront home buyers.

And as the owner of a property business that sold hundreds of homes every year, I know how the real estate industry works in WA.

I’ve seen how the industry places property buyers at a distinct disadvantage in a real estate transaction. Whereas the seller has the real estate agent taking care of their interests, buyers have no one on their side.

So, my mission is to empower buyers with the knowledge and confidence required to make winning property moves – to put YOU in the box seat.

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