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Settlements Completed

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Settlements Completed

Here’s How Our We Find & Buy Service Will Help You

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Identify buying opportunities at the earliest opportunity…even before they hit the market

Yes, that’s right, our job is to identify property listings as soon as they come to the market. But, through our extensive list of real estate contacts, we often surface off-market properties. These are gold because they give you the opportunity to negotiate without competing against other buyers.

Put you in the negotiation box seat

For some buyers the most important thing in the world is to secure a special home, their dream home. If that’s you, we’ll help put your offer at the front of the pack.

For others, they want a great deal, that special price. Our years of property experience puts us in a unique position to make that happen.

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De-risk the transaction

There’s lots that can go wrong when you buy a home. These include:

Our Job Is To Protect You From These Risks Plus A Heap More

Our due diligence means that you’ll know exactly what you’re buying and can make a smart, informed decision.

And we do all this so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve secured the right home that will set you and your family up for the future.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Would definitely recommend Rezzi for all your settlement requirements, they made the process so simple and i loved the fact they used multiple modes of communication (email and text) to keep me informed throughout the entire process.
Aaron B.
Very Professional. i was a First home owner and didn’t knew many details of the process, but the team was so nice in explaining things and complete the settlement process quite smoothly.
Negul K.
A recommended professional service. These people clearly know what they are doing, are easy to communicate with, and leave little room for error.
Anne de W.

We Find & Buy Includes

A Comprehensive Personal
A comprehensive personal needs assessment

Your needs assessment will help us to develop a deep understanding of your individual circumstances so we can identify the perfect property for you and your family.

A 97 Point Property Analysis
A 97 point property analysis and assessment

Once we've identified a suitable property we'll complete a detailed property analysis and market appraisal to make sure that the property suits you and your needs and provide you with a negotiation price guide

Contract negotiation by a licensed professional buyer's agent

Once you give us the go ahead we'll start negotiating on your behalf to secure the right property at a price and on conditions that suit you, not the seller.

As a licensed real estate agent and settlement agent with over 35 years of experience in the industry, I have a keen understanding of the traps and pitfalls faced by home buyers.

And as the owner of a real estate agency that sold hundreds of homes every year, I know how the real estate industry works.

I created We Find & Buy because I noticed that property buyers are at a distinct disadvantage in a real estate transaction. Unlike the seller who has the real estate agent taking care of their interests, buyers have no one on their side.

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Peter Fletcher

Managing Director

Our We Find & Buy Service Will Change Everything

I know that our We Find & Buy service will change everything for you.
Here are just some of the ways I’ll stack the odds in your favour

You’ll get early access to properties, sometimes before they hit the market

Negotiation Master On Your Side

You’ll have a negotiation master on your side, one that’s acting for you and for you only

Next level due diligence that identifies hidden defects BEFORE you make an offer

A calm, relaxed and independent property professional whose only interest is to help you achieve your goals.

For a No-obligation Phone Consultation To Discuss Your Buying Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you buy properties?
We buy properties throughout Western Australia but specialise in inner city and river suburbs in Perth.
Q: How much do you charge?
The service we provide for each client is slightly different so our fees are quoted upfront following our initial consultation call.
Q: Do you get a fee from the real estate agent?
No. We don’t accept kickbacks or commissions from real estate agents.
Q: Who pays you?
Our fees are paid by the buyer because that’s who we act for. Our buyer advocacy services are designed to serve buyers, not sellers.