The Key Factors That Make For A Great Streetscape


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Streetscape has a significant impact on a suburb’s livability and therefore impacts demand for property in the area. Consequently, it pays to check out the streetscape before deciding to buy in a suburb.

This article outlines the key aspects that make for a great streetscape.

What is streetscape?

Streetscape is the look and feel of a street. It’s the whole picture that you get when driving down a street. Often it’s more a feeling that comes from the experience rather than something concrete.

What makes a great streetscape?

The following are the key factors that make a quality streetscape:

Tree canopy

The most significant factor in a great streetscape is the tree canopy. Suburbs with large, mature trees are cooler, more livable and more popular.

Absence of power lines

Related to the quality of the tree canopy is the absence of powerlines. Tree canopy is invariably impacted by the heavy pruning associated with powerline maintenance.

The width of the road

Narrower streets have better visual appeal than wide streets. Combined with established trees, they make a suburb more intimate and inviting.

Quality of verge lawns

Verge lawns and gardens have a massive impact on a streetscape. Green, well-cared-for lawns and attractive, well-managed plants add visual appeal and reduce the perceived heat in a suburb. Avoid areas where verges are neglected dust bowls or otherwise used as car parks.

Quality of surrounding homes

When you move into an area, you’ll be looking at the houses next door and across the road for a long time. So, it pays to check this before making a decision to purchase. If you don’t like what you’re looking at today, it’s unlikely you’ll like it in five years.

Quality of gardens

Front gardens have a significant impact on the streetscape. At the least, look for areas where front gardens are well-cared-for, even if they’re not spectacular.

Front fences

Front fences say something about a neighbourhood. High fences tend to convey concern about safety. In contrast, low fences and open yards convey that a community feels safe and comfortable.

Why is streetscape so important?

Streetscape is related to the livability of a suburb. There appears to be an association between livability and long term capital growth.

A beautiful streetscape is subjective. What appeals to one person doesn’t always appeal to another. But, the above factors together help create a better streetscape and therefore contribute to the livability of a suburb and help make it more appealing to buyers.