Buying A Sustainable Home with David Mynott

Buying A Sustainable Home

In This Episode

In this episode of the WA Property Q&A podcast, Peter is joined by sustainable home builder David Mynott to discuss the benefits of sustainable homes and what to consider when buying one in Western Australia.

Key points in this discussion:

  • Is it worth investing in a sustainable home?
  • the challenges of convincing people to invest in sustainable home upgrades
  • proper insulation and ventilation in homes, to prevent heat loss and improve efficiency
  • common misconceptions about timber framed homes
  • the importance of proper orientation and window placement in home design to maximize natural light and energy efficiency
  • should real estate agents advertise energy ratings of homes they are selling?


0:00:00 Introduction to WA Property Q&A Podcast

0:02:13 Factors to Consider in a Sustainable Home

0:10:09 Renovations for Energy Efficiency and Future Generations

0:12:32 Comfort and Cost Savings in Sustainable Homes

0:19:34 Timber Frame Homes in the 50s: Cold and Inefficient

0:23:03 Addressing Misconceptions: Timber Frame Homes vs Double Brick Homes

0:29:06 The Impact of Roofing Materials on Room Temperature

0:33:29 The Importance of Energy Efficiency in Home Buying Decision

0:38:31 Resale Value and Differentiation in Sustainable Home Design

0:40:44 Real Estate Agents and the Future of Energy Ratings

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