Buying Sustainable Homes A Conversation with Chiara Pacifici

Buying Sustainable Homes

In This Episode

In this episode I talk with one of the founders of Green Gurus Chiara Pacifici. Chiara is a senior sustainability consultant and principal of Community West Real Estate. Regarded as one of the rising stars in the real estate industry, Chiara is an advocate for sustainability and green buildings.

We discuss the growing importance of sustainability and energy efficiency and explore design principles for cost-effective and comfortable homes, the significance of solar panels, and the role of real estate agents in promoting energy efficiency.

We also touch on energy efficiency standards, the need for disclosure statements, and the education efforts of REIWA and Green Gurus. There’s so much more to learn in this episode including:

·     Key components to make your property more comfortable

·     Why insulation is a top priority

·     The benefit of solar panels

·     Energy efficiency ratings

·     How to use a property’s energy efficiency as a selling point

·     Livability framework – 17 features you need to know

·     And more…


0:00:46 Introduction

0:08:41 Importance of orientation and placement of glazing

0:10:03 Solar passive design principles

0:12:56 The importance of insulation

0:20:42 The payback period for solar panels

0:25:01 The importance of landscaping in passive solar design

0:26:58 The Green Gurus sustainable homes checklist

0:29:13 The importance of energy efficiency in property sales

0:36:35 Ways to improve a home’s energy efficiency

0:39:37 The possibility of mandatory energy efficiency disclosure

0:41:47 Who should pay for an energy efficiency report

0:44:30 REWA’s efforts in educating real estate agents