Financial Strategies for Your Property Investments in WA with Ryan Tripi

Financial Strategies for Your Property Investments in WA

In This Episode

And in today’s episode, we’ve invited back to the show, Ryan Tripi from Westminster National Finance Brokers to answer some of the most common questions about financing property investments.

We discuss the impact of increasing interest rates on the WA property market and look at the strategies available to investors to shield themselves from future rate changes.

  • The state of interest rates and Ryan’s personal outlook
  • Should you choose fixed rates over variable rate for your mortgage
  • The fixed rate cliff: impact on mortgage holders and the property market
  • Mitigating financial pain and last resort options
  • Innovation in finance – trends and digital revolution

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Peter Fletcher

0:00:00 Welcome to the WA Property Q&A

0:01:44 Interest rates: peaking or potential rate cuts?

0:03:21 Fixed rate vs. variable rate mortgages

0:04:42 The average mortgage size and market struggles for first-time buyers

0:07:11 Market outlook: limited supply, construction sector pressures, and potential solutions

0:11:28 Mitigating Financial Pain and Controlling Expenditure

0:12:47 Downsizing as a Last Resort

0:19:46 The Benefits of Offset Accounts and Redraw Facilities

0:21:32 Choosing the Right Entity for Property Ownership

0:24:26 Trends in Finance: Efficiency and Digital Revolution

0:30:27 Market insights