How New Rental Laws Could Shake Up the WA Market with Suzanne Brown

How New Rental Laws Could Shake Up the WA Market

In This Episode

Suzanne is the founder and principal of Rentwest Solutions, one of WA’s largest and most well-respected property management firms. Suzanne is an innovator, introducing the four day work week into her business. She is also a passionate advocate for landlords’ rights and has been vocal about the impact of proposed tenancy legislation on the WA property market.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The impact of proposed tenancy legislation on the WA property market. Suzanne explains how the proposed changes will affect landlords, tenants, and property managers. She shares her concerns about the potential increase in vacancy rates, rent arrears, and disputes.
  • Why retaining no grounds tenancy termination is so important. Suzanne argues that no grounds tenancy termination is a vital tool for landlords to manage their properties effectively and efficiently. She gives examples of situations where no grounds termination is necessary, such as selling the property, renovating the property, or moving back into the property.
  • The problem with allowing tenants to make minor modifications. Suzanne expresses her concerns about allowing tenants to make minor modifications without the landlord’s consent. She explains how minor modifications can cause major damage, reduce the value of the property, and create safety hazards. She also highlights the difficulties of defining what constitutes a minor modification and enforcing compliance with relevant legislation.
  • What tenants look for a rental property. Suzanne shares her insights into what tenants look for when choosing a rental property. She reveals the top factors that influence tenants’ decisions, such as location, price, condition, amenities, and security. She also gives some tips on how landlords can make their properties more attractive and appealing to prospective tenants.
  • Rent bidding and how it will be dealt with under proposed legislation. She discusses how the proposed legislation will prohibit rent bidding and impose penalties for landlords and agents who engage in or facilitate rent bidding and how these new laws will be difficult to police.

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