Mastering Authenticity and Communication in Real Estate with Natalie Hoye

Mastering Authenticity and Communication in Real Estate

In This Episode

Success in the real estate industry as an agent is not all about how many properties you sell. It’s not even how much you make, at least for some. In today’s episode of the WA Property Q&A podcast, we are joined by one of Perth’s multi award winning real estate agents who has built an enviable reputation of doing things “differently.”

Natalie Hoye is the Director at Red Fox Property Group. Nat calls what she does as real estate alchemy. It’s an exciting conversation that will give you a glimpse of Natalie’s style of “sales” that’s not sales at all: it’s much more consultation based on deep listening and being present for her clients.

We’ve covered some familiar topics but also some that you wouldn’t expect from a real estate. Nat is a true gem and her insights are deep.

Topics we cover include:

·     Key elements of a livable suburb

·     Being smart about renovations – cosmetic vs. structural changes

·     How to deal with an unpredictable market

·     The power of authenticity and connection

·     Helping buyers get their name on a title. It’s the simple things that make a big difference.

·     Why it’s not about commission but connection


0:00:01 Introduction to WA Property Q&A Podcast

0:00:49 Introduction to Natalie Hoy and Red Fox

0:04:30 Top four suburbs: Mount Lawley, Inglewood, Bedford, Bayswater

0:06:27 Social precincts and amenities in livable suburbs

0:08:37 Access and walkability vs. traffic Congestion

0:11:58 High demand school zones

0:14:00 Increasing prices and demand in the inner city market

0:16:10 Decreased appetite for renovating properties

0:17:19 The shift in expectations: COVID and societal changes

0:21:26 Multiple offers and the surprising market response

0:25:01 Sellers’ emotional connection and the importance of letting go

0:31:55 Being of service and avoiding commission breath

0:37:10 Negotiating a revised offer with sellers

0:39:45 Sellers accepting lower offers for certainty

0:40:54 Wrap up