The Ultimate Guide to Proactive Property Inspection : Essential Tips for Informed Buyers - with Jason Cotton

The Ultimate Guide to Proactive Property Inspection

About Jason Cotton

Jason Cotton has over 12 years of experience as a property inspector in WA. Jason is the founder and principal of Select Property Inspections and has completed over 7000 property inspections. He is a certified Building Surveyor.

In This Episode

A lack of pre-purchase due diligence is a recipe for unwanted surprises. In this episode, Jason and I look at the importance of checking a property for maintenance defects BEFORE making an offer.

In this episode:

Common non-structural building defects that aren’t covered by the REIWA Major Structural Defects clause.
Damp related building defects. No, they’re not usually structural defects.
The impact of maintenance defects on property values.
Tools and techniques for identifying common building defects that a layperson can use.
How knowing the defects up front will empower you to make a decision.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:01 – Introduction

00:02:48 – Non Structural Defects

00:04:49 – Major Structural Defects

00:07:01 – Exclusions to Major Structural Defects

00:10:30 – Non-Structural Damp Issues

00:15:31 – Signs of Gutter Problems

00:16:55 – Importance of Knowing About Leaking Gutters

00:17:19 – Non-Structural Decorative Finishes

00:18:58 – General Maintenance and Fretting Mortar

00:23:38 – Ceilings as Maintenance and Safety Concerns

00:29:46 – Importance of Building Inspectors

00:30:56 – Understanding Moisture Meters

00:32:53 – Testing for Moisture in Showers

00:35:37 – The Role of power point (GPO) testing devices

00:38:25 – Limitations of Building Inspections