Understanding Building Inspections and Defects with Jason Cotton

Understanding Building Inspections

About Jason Cotton

Jason Cotton, originally from Castlemaine, Victoria, is a Registered Building Surveyor and the founder of Select Property Inspections. He specializes in pre-purchase property inspections across the Greater Perth metro area, with an impressive portfolio of over 7000 completed building inspections. In addition to his building surveyor credentials, Jason holds a restricted Electrical Workers License and a Cert 4 in Mechanical Engineering - Maintenance, showcasing his diverse expertise in property assessment and maintenance. Beyond his professional life, Jason is an avid cricket fan.

In This Episode

In this episode of “WA Property Q&A” we dive into the intricacies of building inspections and defects with special guest building inspector Jason Cotton from Select Property Inspections.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

how tie-down straps are treated within the context of a structural inspection.
the core responsibilities of a building inspector, the expectations that clients should have when hiring a professional for a building inspection, highlighting the importance of identifying safety, maintenance and structural defects.
valuable insights into how inspectors deal with confined spaces in ceilings and how they affect what ends up in a building inspection report.
different categories of building defects and the criteria that determine whether a defect qualifies as a major structural defect, a crucial distinction in real estate transactions.
Identifying defects, whether they are non-structural or maintenance-related
an unpopular alternative to the REIWA Major Structural Defects clause