Valuing Properties in a Hot Market with Perth Valuer Ben Archibald

Valuing Properties in a Hot Market with Perth Valuer

In This Episode

In this episode of WA Property Q&A, I am joined by Preston Rowe Patterson’s Senior Valuer, Ben Archibald. In this 50 minute conversation Ben shared with us his insights on the different aspects that affect a property’s valuation and the complexities of determining accurate property valuations in the current volatile market.

The conversation extends to the significance of separate living areas, ceiling heights, and functional floor plans in determining a property’s value. We also talked about the importance of getting good advice when buying or renovating a property and the value of receiving independent advice and what considerations should you have as a property buyer before making an offer.

There is just so much to talk about but so little time, so be sure to listen to the full episode for other topics we’ve covered including:

·    Best places to invest for potential growth and affordability

·    Furnishing rental properties and capitalizing on opportunities in order to outperform average returns

·    Factors like property type, size, and potential for value-add instead of trying to predict which suburbs will appreciate in value.

·    Livability index and identifying which suburbs are the most livable

·    Criteria for livability – factors such as safe streets, dining options, proximity to transportation, and natural resources.

·    Why character homes are selling better.

·    And more…

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